Ryan Thompson, Founder and Executive Director

Ryan graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000 with a degree in Environmental Policy and Planning. Shortly after the April 16, 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech he started Campus Awareness Coast2Coast with the vision that one day school shootings will cease to occur. Unfortunately, since 2007 there have been many more tragedies. In 2014 Ryan officially set-out to make Campus Awareness a 501c(3) charitable foundation, which was granted by the IRS in 2015. Under Ryan’s leadership and vision the organization has raised more than $40,000 over the last 10 years with strictly volunteer support. When Ryan is not busy working for one the top engineering and environmental firms in the World, he is working on fundraising and making the future a better place.

Hunter Merritt, Board Member

Hunter graduated from Virginia Tech in 2001 with a degree in Civil Engineering. The 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech hit extremely close to home as much of it played out in engineering buildings and classrooms familiar to Hunter. Shortly thereafter, Campus Awareness Coast2Coast was formed and he immediately became involved. Hunter currently sits on the board of C2C and has helped with the planning and execution of various C2C fundraisers over the years.

Justin Wilson, Board Member

Justin is the most recent addition to the board, joining in the spring of 2017, and is is an experienced leader in the events services industry. He worked 11 years at Freeman, the #1 brand experience provider and largest privately held company in the industry, in roles ranging from sales and account management, event operations and production, and most recently, technology development. Justin graduated from Texas State University in 2002 with a BBA degree in Finance. When he’s not working, Justin is passionate in all that San Diego has to offer. Surfing, cycling, craft beer and of course community involvement and volunteering as much as possible.

Morgan Hallabrin, Board Member

Morgan Hallabrin, who received her MAED from University of California, Santa Cruz, who was born and raised in California, who currently teaches high school, is honored to be on the board of Campus Awareness Coast2Coast. Throughout Morgan’s 15 year teaching career, she has witnessed the importance of creating and maintaining safe spaces for learning and innovation. Morgan believes that Campus Awareness Coast2Coast provides teachers, administrators, and students the agency to craft safe and purposeful learning communities.